Wednesday, December 18, 2013

'Tis The Season

Every year I struggle with the idea of what gift to give to students, co-workers, secretaries, administrators, etc. It can get very expensive! I decided to stalk a few pinterest boards and found some of the cutest things I've ever seen! I decided to make these cute little candy sleighs for my class. They were very simple to make. Here are a few pics...

I hot glued a kit-kat bar to 2 candy canes for the base. Next, I hot glued 3 miniature hershey bars across the kit-kat bar. Then, I hot glued 2 miniature hershey bars across the top of the 3. Finally, I glued 1 more miniature hershey bar to the top of the 2 (like building a pyramid...3, 2,1). I added a ribbon and a bow to complete the look! Scholastic gave me $5 off a book coupons for the class, so I tucked it into the bottom of the sled (through the ribbon).

I also made candy trees for my administrators...

My co-worker shared the most adorable plaque that a student for made her...

And lastly, I had to get gifts for my daughters' teachers. My girls are in middle school...gone are the days of buying ONE gift for ONE teacher. Now they have EIGHT teachers EACH! 
Again I stalked pinterest (I LOVE PINTEREST).
I found an inexpensive, fabulous, USEFUL, gift for all of their teachers...

Wrapping paper and tape!! Who can't use wrapping paper and tape?!
I printed out cards with a winter background...the message reads:

Since November you've been shopping, barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
Now it's late, you're in a scrape. Out of paper or out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day!
Have a Happy Holiday!

Their teachers went crazy! They loved it =)
I hope you enjoyed it as well!

...till next time...

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Blog is Born

The debate of whether or not "To Blog or Not To Blog" is officially over. I have decided to start my blog. This is a big step for me because I already find it difficult to juggle TpT, work, family, and friends...but I'm determined to make it happen. So please come on in to the "Teacher's Lounge" sit back, relax, and always remember to ...