Friday, November 28, 2014

Winter Themed Writing Bundle

Just in time for the Cyber Sale over at TpT! Whheeew! I didn't know if I'd have it completed in time...but a lot of hard work, dedication, and being off from work =) really helped!

This is my newest product... 

20 Writing Prompts appropriate for grades K-2
20 Writing Prompts appropriate for grades 3-5
2 Bulletin Board Posters
4 Brainstorming Pages
- Blank Template
- Web
- Topic/4 supporting details/conclusion
- Topic/3 supporting details/conclusion
Draft Writing
- Lined for upper elementary
- Lined for lower elementary
Final Writing
- Lined for upper elementary
- Lined for lower elementary
- Lined for upper elementary w/ picture box
- Lined for lower elementary w/ picture box
Sample pictures from this packet...

4 Brainstorming Templates to choose from (Black Line Included)

20 Prompts for grades 3-5

20 Prompts for grades K-2
Draft Paper/Final Paper/ Paper with and without picture box/lined for upper & lower elementary
2 Bulletin Board Posters/Writing Center Posters

I'm gonna go spend some time with my little peanut now =)
Hope you find this product helpful & useful!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Super Cyber Sale

Have you heard?? TpT is hosting their annual cyber sale!! And to sweeten the deal...ALL of my products are an ADDITIONAL 15% OFF!! 

*Shopping Tip: Don't wait 'til the last your shopping NOW!! Add everything to your wishlist and on Dec. 1 or 2 transfer it to your cart! This way you have time to search through products and don't feel rushed during the 2 day sale!

Happy Thanksgiving

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown! Thanksgiving already!!
I have so much to be thankful for =)

Just in case no one has said it to you yet...
Thank You to all of the AMAZING teachers in this world! 

And for all of you parents out there, here's a little holiday humor...

Hope you have a happy and healthy holiday!!

Have you visited a school lately?

My new position has allowed me to see teaching in a whole new way. I have been a classroom teacher for 13 years and NEVER had the experience of visiting other schools to see what methods, techniques, models, (etc.) teachers use (or are required to use) in their school. I knew what I was doing in my classroom (how to differentiate/modify lessons to meet the needs of my students) and I knew what my principal's expectations were...that's all I needed to know! Right?

I now have the opportunity to meet with Teacher Leaders across the city. I visit their classrooms and help them to reflect on either the instructional strategy they chose to implement, or on the task they ask students to perform. This has really opened my eyes to what other teachers are doing across the city! Sometimes I wish I were back in the classroom myself so I could implement some of the strategies that I've been able to observe. It really is a shame that there isn't some type of system in place that allows (or requires) schools to partner with other schools to share ideas and observe best practices.

Yes, this is starting to happen. There are LPP schools (Learning Partner schools that work in a triad), and with the new TCP (Teacher Career Pathways) schools are starting to host inter-visitations with one another. However, I don't know if it's reaching as many teachers as it should be, or even if it's reaching them at a fast enough rate.

ANYWAY, I just want to share some pictures from inside some of the beautiful school buildings that I've been lucky enough to partner enough babbling from me =)

Word Wall

Bulletin Board

Door Decoration

Focus Wall


Hallway Wall

Hallway Wall

Hallway Door

Hallway Wall Dedicated to 9/11

Hallway Wall

Elevator Doors

Hallway Wall Dedicated to 9/11

Door Decoration

Team Work Bulletin Board

Math Dry Erase Interactive Bulletin Board

Science Bulletin Board