About Me:

After graduating from college with a Master's Degree in Elementary Education in 2001, I began my career in teaching. I spent 13 years teaching at the elementary level and loved every second of it (ok, maybe not every!) Two years ago I took a leadership position outside of the classroom and coached 38 Teacher Leaders across the city in grades K-12. My responsibilities included modeling non-evaluative classroom visits and instructional debrief conversations aligned with the Danielson Framework for teaching that helped teachers to deepen their self-reflection and identify next steps in order to improve student outcomes.

Currently, I'm a Teacher Development & Evaluation Coach. I provide job-embedded support to 36 principals and assistant principals to develop teachers and improve student achievement. I coach school leaders to enhance skills in incorporating the review of student work and achievement data to inform professional learning and instructional practices, and coordinate with my superintendent to ensure that teacher development and evaluation strategies and plans are aligned with the instructional and operational goals of schools. 

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