Friday, May 9, 2014

Literature Board Game

My daughter had to create a board game based off of the book Among the Hidden.

She made "Hidden Pursuit." The story takes place in the house, garden, and attic, so she created 'Question Cards' for those 3 settings. She colored the spaces the colors of the question cards, so whatever color you land on - that's the card you read. She used colored index cards to write her questions on and placed them on the coordinating spot. For the game pieces, she printed out clipart that matched scenes from the story and used pieces from an old board game to hold up the clipart. 
She used two pieces of wood for the board itself and painted it white. Then, taped the two pieces together on the back with contact paper. This made it easier for her to fold the board in half when storing it away (and putting it in her school bag to carry to school.)