Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Teaching Nonfiction Text Structures

With the new Common Core ELA Standards, non-fiction is becoming the primary focus, as students are expected to be proficient in reading complex informational texts. State assessments are also becoming more non-fiction focused, to evaluate student abilities in navigating these complex texts.

So what can we do to prepare our children?

Have them read more nonfictional texts!
In my Nonfiction Text Structure Bundle I used excerpts from larger texts in order to keep students motivated, interested, and allow for "close reading" of shorter passages. Well, enough of my rambling, take a look see for yourself...

Each nonfiction passage contains a definition of the structure and a 
graphic organizer for students to complete.

I didn't just stop at worksheets! 
In addition to the 10 passages and organizers, I also included a powerpoint mini-lesson presentation. 
You can model for your students as they follow along with their own copy (as an independent assignment) OR you might choose to do the activities as a "whole class" and have students come up to the board to locate information from the passages!

Download a FREE preview here: Nonfiction Text Structures Reading Bundle