Sunday, July 17, 2016

Crate Seats for the Classroom

I decided to create those adorable crate seats that I see all over Pinterest for my classroom this year. I'm going to do a Dr.Seuss Theme and I'm so excited about it! 

I know, I know, It's JULY! School doesn't start until September!! 
But after 2 years of coaching Principals and APs, I can't wait to get back into the classroom with the kids.

As I shopped for the material, my 4 year old kept asking me, "Is that for me mommy? Are you making those for me?" How could I break her little heart and tell her it's for the kids in my class!? I COULDN'T! Soooooo, I asked her to choose the material she liked and had her help me make my first crate seat...for her =)

  • Crate: $3.97 @Walmart
  • 1 Yard of material: $5.47 @Walmart
  • Foam Cushion & Padding: (don't remember price) @Michaels
  • Wood (I purchased 4 pieces) $7 total @Home Depot (I brought the crate with me, they measured & cut it for me)
  • Staple Gun and staples
The crates at Walmart have the "lip" inside it where the wood can sit...not all crates have this so make sure you purchase one that does. Also, make sure when they cut the wood they leave a little wiggle room to fit the padding and material.

I laid the wood on the foam pad to trace...

My little peanut did the tracing...

So easy a 4 year old can do it...

I wrapped the foam and the wood with padding (the foam made the seat comfy, but the wood corners were still a little too pointy. Wrapping everything with padding made the entire piece softer to the touch)...

Next, I wrapped the entire piece in the material my daughter chose, and stapled it into the wood...


 Finished Seat...


Now that she's happy, I'll have her help me make my Dr. Seuss chairs and decorations! I'll post pics when I'm done...can't wait!


  1. Im wondering how they held up? the walmart crates seem a little flimsy wish I could get the real milk crates

  2. I thought the same thing, but they're holding up really well! I have a 16 year old daughter who sits on it all the time =)
    As long as no-one is standing on them...they're perfect! And at Walmart the crates are under $4.


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